Fashion for the Future

Fashion for the Future

Fashion for the Future


The wait is finally over, The Premier Fashion Academy FAN launches in 2017, and only a limited amount of students will be accepted to study at this prestigious college located in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

The college (FAN) is the home of some of SA’s top fashion experts, who will be imparting their knowledge to the next generation of “Fashion Super Stars”. With a stringent admission process, students that are accepted into the school are guaranteed focused, personal attention.

What’s more, FAN will select its top four students in their second year and sponsors them a life changing “Experience Trip” to New York, where the students will get to draw inspiration from, and in, the world’s Fashion Capital, to assist them in designing their own collection which they will get to showcase at Fashion Week in their third year.

Students will also be exposed to retail opportunities – as part of their training they will manage and run the FAN Retail Store, in all its business elements – which will allow them to sell their own designs, and enable them to build a customer base for their labels.

Dr. Braam Krüger
Dr. Kruger holds a doctorate in the field of textiles and fashion from the Tshwane University of Technology and has over 35 years’ experience in fashion education on a tertiary level.

Kgomotso Moloantoa
Kgomotso has advanced into the media world, based on her foundation of success as a fashion model. She became the Fashion Editor for True Love Magazine – before being recruited by Jane Raphaelly of Associated Magazines and working as fashion editor at “O” – the Oprah Winfrey magazine.

Julian Smith
Julian is possibly one of SA’s most Iconic Fashion Designers. He is an established fashion designer who has successfully built a luxury fashion brand in the South African market. The Julian label has been sold in exclusive Boutiques and prominent retail chain stores, as well as being exported to the USA and Europe.

“Today, a dynamic global trade in textiles and fashion moves trillions of dollars annually and provides job opportunities for millions of people, from labourers and blue-collar workers to powerful business tycoons. Empower others by empowering yourself with a superior education in fashion!” – Braam Kruger

“When I began my career in fashion; the most difficult challenge was learning how to run the business and that is why we will be assisting our students to become entrepreneurs – by sharing our first-hand experience in fashion retail and brand building,” says Academy Registrar Julian Smith

Marketing Director – Kgomotso Moloantoa, had this to say: “I’ve worked in all areas of fashion. As the first African face for L’Oreal, I was exposed to working with a global brand and international celebrities, at a time when the world was a big place and you needed real tenacity to make it. This applied to working behind the camera too. Competition is fierce in fashion and it helps if you start off with the right team behind you. I’m grateful to those who guided me and want to do the same for the next generation.”

Together they head up the team of FAN, with an accumulated experience track record of over 80 years in the industry.